How to Activate & Deactivate Vodafone Missed Call Alert Service [ MCA ] with SMS, USSD Code

After series of Articles on Vodafone i.e. Transferring Vodafone Balance between two numbers , Checking Vodafone 4G data balanceVodafone Internet Data Credit , Activating Vodafone Caller Tune ..We have come up with another Vodafone Tutorial which explains you about Vodafone Missed Called Alert Service . Here on this page we will cover all the info related to Vodafone Missed Call Alert i.e. How to Activate, How to Deactivate & What are the different ways to enable Vodafone MCA on your Mobile Number.

What is Vodafone Missed Call Alert Service ?

In general Missed Call Alert Service gives you information about the person who calls you while your phone number is switched off or Out of Coverage Area.

You may be thinking why it is necessary to use Vodafone MCA Service .. right ? ..Let us give you a scenario.. Suppose you are out of state with no mobile charger to charge your mobile phone / you are in place where there is not Network Coverage.

And  a emergency situation has occurred in your family / office ,and they keep on calling you,  but they could not reach you..

May be after few hours you switched on your mobile phone or you came to a place where is the good Network Signal .Without activating MCA , you cannot  get information of the people who have called you in this few hours time , when your Phone is out of coverage.

You can easily bypass this situation by activating Vodafone Missed Call Alert service . With this service , a SMS Message will be send to number , with info about phone numbers calling , when you are out of coverage Area.

As you have the phone numbers of people in your hand now, it is very easy to call them and know about the emergency situation.

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Is this Vodafone MCA Service Free or Paid ?

Vodafone Missed Call Alert is a premium service and you have to pay Rs 30 from your wallet to use this Vodafone Service. You can activate this Vodafone MCA Service in many ways i.e. sending SMS , USSD Code etc. You can activate Vodafone MCA by calling Vodafone Toll Free Number. Activation / Deactivation of the service would be done with in 30 Min of sending the SMS [process you have started].

Activate Vodafone Missed Call Service? [ Prepaid & Postpaid ]

By subscribing to this Vodafone MCA service , you won’t miss any important calls when your phone is switched off . Here is the process to activate it.

Vodafone Missed call Alert Activation Process:

You can achieve this task by sending SMS, USSD Code & IVR Number . For post paid numbers and Prepaid numbers SMS Number is Different .

Vodafone Number  SMS / USSD
Postpaid No. ACT MCI and send SMS to 199
Prepaid Type ACT MCI and send SMS to 144
Vodafone MCA USSD Code *888*810#
IVR 12385

How to Deactivate / Terminate Vodafone MCA Service  ?

Want to Cancel Vodafone Missed Call Alert Service ? Below we have given SMS Numbers to send inorder to stop MCA alerts on both prepaid & postpaid numbers

Service  SMS Number
Postpaid No. Type CAN MCI and send SMS to 199
Prepaid Type CAN MCI and send SMS to 144
SMS STOP to 155223

Process to Activate Reverse Missed Call Service :

RMCI Service  SMS & USSD Code
Postpaid Type ACT RMCI and send SMS to 199
Prepaid Type ACT RMCI and send SMS to 144
USSD Code *888*982#
IVR 12384

Process to Deactivate RMCI [Reverse Missed Call Information ]

Postpaid Type CAN RMCI and send SMS to 199
Prepaid Type CAN RMCI and send SMS to 144
Dial or SMS STOP to 155223

That’s it guys .. If any of the above given USSD Codes & SMS Numbers are not working , then please do let us know the comments section.