Vodafone 4g Internet Settings [ 2G/3G/4G GPRS & APN Settings ]

Here we come up with another interesting article related to Vodafone i.e. Vodafone APN Settings. In our earlier blog posts we have covered various articles like USSD Code to check Vodafone Offer, Vodafone to Vodafone Balance Transfer, Check Vodafone numberVodafone Loan Code number , Reliance Jio Apn Settings for high speed internet etc ..

Now here comes another article on APN Settings i.e Vodafone GPRS APN Settings for best internet speed.

General Packet Radio Service [ GPRS ] is a wireless internet Protocol which plays significant role in transmitting information between mobile phones. For your 2G/3G/4G mobile phone GPRS & APN settings is a must to configure internet connection.

If you are facing issues related to internet and network settings, then its better to request GPRS settings from your network operator [ Vodafone ].

You can seek GPRS settings from Vodafone through multiple ways i.e by sending SMS message from your mobile number & through online. We will explain you complete details on how to get Vodafone GPRS settings on your mobile phone.

Vodafone Internet settings [ GPRS & APN ] through SMS

Straightforward you can get GPRS settings on your mobile by sending SMS from your Vodafone number in the predefined format.

SMS ALL to 199

  • Once you send SMS from your Vodafone Sim ,you will get receive GPRS settings on your number.
  • Save the GPRS settings as default to access high internet speed on your number.
  • Now restart you Mobile and GPRS settings would be configured automatically.

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Configure Vodafone APN Settings on your 2G/3G/4G Mobile phone Manually

You can configure APN settings on your Vodafone mobile by entering the values given below in the specified fields. For Vodafone internet settings , Vodafone Live, Vodafone MMS configuring APN settings exactly is very crucial. Just follow the below mentioned procedure to apply new APN settings.

Firstly go to settings in your mobile phone and find mobile Networks.

Under the mobile network, you can see APN Settings. Click on it to create new Access Point Name.

Now enter the below given data and restart your phone to adapt the changes.

Setting Name    Value

  • Operator            Vodafone
  • APN       www
  • Access Number *99***1#
  • Username          [blank]
  • Password           [blank]
  • Authentication Type      normal
  • Proxy    off/Disable
  • Proxy address   [blank]
  • Port       [blank]
  • Data Bearer       PACKET DATA
  • DNS1     [blank]
  • DNS2     [blank]

That’s it. You successfully configured new Vodafone APN settings on your Mobile Phone.

Still if you are facing any issues with internet connection, then the next available option is to call Vodafone customer care. Vodafone executives are available 24/7 to guide you.

If you find this article on Vodafone 4g internet setting useful , please do let us know in the comments section.

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