How to Activate Vodafone DND Service on your Number [ Deactivation ]

Want to Activate DND/Do not Disturb Service on your Vodafone Number? Then you are at right place. Here on this page we are going deal with all the information related to Vodafone DND Service .Different ways to activate DND on Vodafone SIM card.

In our foregoing articles we have given information on Airtel DND service Activation & Deactivation ProcedureActivating DND on BSNL Mobile Number. If you are a Airtel / BSNL subscriber then this guide will definitely help you.

Any person in India with active SIM Card, will definitely get lots of spam calls, promotional calls from various services, Calls regarding Credit Card, Spam messages in inbox and many more.

Once you have taken a new Vodafone SIM Card from a store, your number would be passed to hundreds of telemarketing companies .Even if you didn’t subscribe, but you will keep on getting promotional calls & SMS Messages.

Let me make you more clear, how you mobile Number goes into the hands of telemarketing companies.

Recently I have opened new Demat Account on Angel Broking. It took around 7 Days to get my account activated.

After the activation of my Demat Account, I have been getting calls from various trading services regularly. I didn’t signed up to any service / I have never inquired about their service, but i am getting calls consistently from trading related companies which is really frustrating.

By Activating Vodafone DND Service, you can somehow put a partial end to incoming calls from those telemarketing companies.

Vodafone DND service lets you to block all the promotional sms messages or incoming calls on your number. Here you have an option to block all the SMS & Calls from different sectors or you can simply block calls from one Sector. It is up to you to set & change your preference.

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Vodafone DND Service Activation Procedure:

Activate Vodafone DND Online [ ]

Simple way to block all the unwanted calls on your Vodafone number is by visiting

we have given the Vodafone DND Service page, through which you can easily activate or deactivate Vodafone DND.

Open the above link in your Web Browser.

Now enter all the details in the fields specified like Name, Mobile number & email address.

If you want to stop all the calls & SMS , then select FULL DND or else click on NO option.

Select the services for which you want to receive Advertising calls & SMS. [ You are literally giving permission for those sectors [ companies] to call you].

Enter the Captcha and submit the application.

You have successfully activated DND Service on your Vodafone Number.

You can know the Vodafone DND Status / or know you DND preferences by entering the mobile number & OTP. Just follow the below link

Vodafone DND Preference :

Activate Vodafone DND by Sending SMS or by Making IVR Call

Another easiest way to activate Vodafone DND service is by sending SMS message from your registered mobile number in the format given below

SMS START <Number> 1909

Number : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7

If you want to block full DND then send : SMS START 0 1909

Similarly if you want to block Vodafone DND partially then choose different number. For you easy understanding we are providing the details like number & respective the service which you can block.

SMS START 0 to 1909 : to block full DND

SMS START 1 to 1909 : to block SMS & Calls related to Banking/Financial Products/Insurance/ Credit Cards

SMS START 2 to 1909 : To Stop calls & SMS related to Real Estate.

SMS START 3 to 1909 : Terminate Calls & SMS messages relating to Education

SMS START 4 to 1909 : Block Health related Promotional Calls & SMS

SMS START 5 to 1909 : Stop receiving Calls & SMS from Consumer goods and automobiles

SMS START 6 to 1909 : IT/Entertainment/Communication/Broadcasting

SMS START 7 to 1909 : Tourism and Leisure

Activate / Deactivate Vodafone DND with IVR call

If you are not comfortable to send SMS then another best option is to make a call i.e.

Call 1909 and follow the IVR instructions to activate or deactivate Vodafone DND.

In general it would take around 7 days for DND to get activated. Once Do Not Disturb gets activated on your number, you can see major drop of the Spam calls landing on your mobile number .

How to Deactivate Vodafone DND Service?

Deactivating DND service is as simple as activating it. You can do it by sending SMS, making IVR Call or through online.

That’s it. Hope we have covered all the information on Vodafone DND activation & deactivation Procedure. Any queries or suggestions please do let us know in the comments section.

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