Vodafone Loan Code Number 2018 [ Credit for Talktime & Internet Data Balance ]

Are you a Vodafone Subscriber? Are you satisfied with Vodafone’s service? Mostly the answer to the question is “Yes” [ Ofcourse it depends based on the area residing, person’s mentality , Signal etc ].

Here on this page we are going to explain you about “How to Take Talktime Credit on Vodafone” and what is the process to get Vodafone Loan.You guys can get Loan from Vodafone in 2 Ways i.e. using Vodafone USSD code and another is by sending SMS to predefined Number.Anyway before explaining about Vodafone Loan USSD Code & Vodafone Credit Talktime SMS Number , Guys can you explain me why you would go for Vodafone Credit ? [ Comment your Answer in comments section ].

Hope many of you are aware of Taking Talktime for Credit from telecom Operators like Vodafone , Idea, Airtel, Aircel , Bsnl etc. Anyway let me the explain few situations where you guys need Talktime Balance as Credit from Vodafone [This explanation is only for Mobile Users who don’t know about Taking Balance as Loan from Telecom Operators.]

Suppose you are out of budget to recharge your phone number, but its very much emergency for you to call your father / Mother ..What will you do ? You can have many options like using friends / neighbors mobile ,send whatsapp msg to your friend about your situation or you can directly make whatsapp call to your Parents..These are few available solutions for you incase of emergency to call a person with out Balance in Your Vodafone Sim.

Now lets assume that you are out of internet data balance & you are alone at lonely place [ or you got stuck up somewhere ]..Now you cannot use your friends number nor use whatsapp service.

In such Scenario the best option is to take Vodafone 10 Rs TalkTime as Credit from Operator. Now with this amount you can do emergency calling. [ Don’t expect Rs 100 or Rs 500 as credit from telecom Operators] .They just provide Call Balance for your emergency purpose .

One more thing all Vodafone users are not eligible to take Talktime balance as credit.They are treated as eligible only if they meet few requirements i.e. Sim Card minimum age etc. Anyway we will see more about Eligibility criteria to take loan from Vodafone.

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Check Vodafone Prepaid 4G Data Balance 

How to get Vodafone Talktime Loan of Rs 10 using USSD Code ?

You have dial USSD Code from mobile keypad and it provides you the information related to the query you have submitted.

USSD Code for Talktime Balance :  *111*3#

Use the above given Vodafone USSD code to get Rs 10 as Call balance in Advance as Credit.

Get Vodafone Loan With SMS 

Another way to get Vodafone Loan is by sending SMS to 144 . Guys you need not worry we will explain the process & pattern in which you have to send the SMS.

SMS CREDIT to 144  [ Send CREDIT as text Message to 144 to get Vodafone Credit ]

Very Simple Right ? ..

Get Vodafone Loan [ Credit ] by Calling

You can even get Vodafone loan by dialling to Vodafone loan number [ which is predefined ] i.e. 1241 ..

Just call the above given number you will get Vodafone loan amount instantly.

Get Vodafone Internet Balance loan with USSD Code

Its very simple to take Internet data as credit from Vodafone using USSD Code. Just dial the ussd code from your keypad.

Vodafone USSD Code for Internet data Loan : *130*4# and select Internet Credit Option.

With in few Seconds [ or instantly you will get Vodafone Data Loan on your Mobile Number ]

Get Vodafone Internet data Credit with SMS

In the above lines we have explained on how to get Vodafone Talktime loan with SMS..Similarly you guys can expect Vodafone loan on Internet balance by sending SMS to144 and the syntax is very simple. Instead of CREDIT type ICREDIT as text Message and send it to 144.You will get 30MB data as credit.


We have covered all the ways to get to Vodafone Talktime loan & Data Credit using Phone number,Loan USSD Code & by sending SMS.But all the users can’t use this service. You must be a qualified subscriber to use their Loan Service.

Conditions / Requirements to Get Vodafone Loan

Instructions for both Talktime balance & Internet are given below ..Don’t get confused.

For Vodafone Talktime Balance :

  • Prepaid Sim Card must be atleast 90 Days Old
  • Vodafone loan code works only if your balance is less than Rs 5
  • You should have cleared the previous Loan amount

After using Loan amount, you will charged Rs 2 to 3 extra while doing your next recharge. As they are helpling you in emergency by providing credit they will charge some amount as interest. [ similarly as banks charge for Home loan,Car loan or Personal Loan ]

For Vodafone Internet Balance :

  • Prepaid Sim Card age must be 90 or more days to be eligible for this service
  • Vodafone Data loan code works only if internet data is less than 10MB
  • Must have paid the previously taken loan amount.

This Vodafone Loan data lifetime is for 1 Day [ i.e. after one day the 30 MB data comes to zero].Similar to Talktime Loan they will charge 2 to 3 Rs for taking Data Credit.

That’s it Guys ..We have covered all the information on taking Vodafone Talktime & Internet credit when you are in emergency or on low balance. If we have missed out any important information on Vodafone loan code number ? Please do let us know in the comments section.