How to Port Jio Number to Other Mobile Operator [ Airtel Vodafone Idea Bsnl ]

Port Jio Number : Have you ever hear the term MNP [ Mobile Number Portability ]?  Ofcourse most of us know about MNP service by Mobile Operators. But , let me explain few lines about Number Portability Service for our users who don’t know about it.

Mobile Number Portability is a unique service which every telecom operator provides to its users [ as per TRAI Guidelines ] , who want to migrate to another Telecom Service without changing your phone number. With few simple steps you can transfer your mobile number one network to another network. [ Airtel to idea , Jio to airtel , Port Jio to Vodafone etc/ ].

So here on this page we are going to cover step by step procedure on how to port reliance jio number to another telecom operator like Airtel , Vodafone Idea & Bsnl , MTNL ,Docomo , Aircel etc.

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Port Jio Number to Airtel , Vodafone Idea , Bsnl  [ Any Other Mobile Network ]

Before going to Jio Number Portability ? Let me clear you some queries like “ Why people use Mobile Number Portability Service ?” , What are the documents required in Porting Jio Number ? , How many days it takes to port a number ? …There are hundreds of questions like that , here we are listing a few.

Why Telecom Users Generally Use Portability Service to Change their Operator ?

There are many advantages …For suppose you are using a network where they are providing you 10 GB data for 100 Rs . But another mobile Operator is proving 20GB Data for same 100Rs ? So which Operator do you prefer ? Obviously 1st one right ?

Similarly if you are not satisfied with the operators [ bsnl , airtel , Vodafone idea ] services , then people would opt to leave the network and port to another Operator .

One more reason , Assume you are staying in a locality [ Madhapur , Hyderabad ] , and you are facing signal issues i.e. you mobile network signal is very weak  in that area ..The very next step from you would be  , changing your mobile number from present operator to the best network in your locality.

Similarly there are many reason’s , depends on the usage & mentality of the person , which may force them to port mobile number from one network to another.

Port Jio Number to Other Operator | Procedure

You have to send SMS to 1900 from your Jio Mobile number , as given below , to initiate the Jio Number porting process.

PORT <Mobile Number> to 1900

  • After sending the SMS , you will get Unique Porting Code [ UPC ] on your Jio number as SMS .This Unique  Porting Code will be valid only for 15 Days , after that it gets expire automatically.
  • UPC code which you received on the Jio Number , is very crucial in transferring your mobile number to another network like Airtel , Vodafone idea & Bsnl.
  • Now visit the nearest store in your locality [ If you are willing to change to Airtel Network , then visit the nearest airtel store , want to change  to Vodafone Idea Network , then go to Vodafone Store near you ], with Jio UPC Code  & Few other documents  like local address proof & passport size photo.
  • Store Manager / employee would complete the procedure for you [ filling a form ]. In filling the form , they would ask you about the Plan you are willing to take ].
  • Pay the amount requested by them [ which includes Porting Service  & New Sim Card Charges ] and a new Sim Card would be given to you.

How many Days it Takes to Port Jio Number ?

After submitting the documents in the store,  you jio number portability would be one in 7 Days [ from date of document submission ].

One your New Sim Card  gets activated , your old Jio Sim Card would be deactivated automatically.

That’s it …You have successfully changed your Mobile Number to Jio Network to other Operator. Hope you guys find this article on Jio Portability Service useful . Any queries or suggestions , please do let us know in the comments section.