How to Activate / Deactivate Jio Caller Tune [ Set Jio Hello Tune on my Number ] JioTunes

Jio Caller Tune : Earlier on our blog we have covered the procedure to activate Airtel Caller Tune ,Activate bsnl Caller Tune & Deactivate Vodafone Caller Tune . Now we came up with another series in caller Tunes Category i.e. activating Jio Caller Tune .

After the launch of JIO , many things have changed in telecom industry . We are getting 4g internet data for cheap cost , Unlimited calls & free sms packs and many more . Even other telecom operators like Idea , Vodafone , Airtel etc have involuntarily taken measures to cut down their data prices .

Before Jio ,activating a caller tune was like a luxury i.e. you have to pay 30 Rs for activating the caller tune , 15 Rs for changing the Caller Tune etc .  But now activating Caller Tune is absolutely free and you can choose a song from lakhs of songs  from Jio caller Tune data base. As per the information given on , you can select a song based on your mood from around 4 lakh songs ,which include genres like Hollywood, Tollywood , kollywood , Regional , Instrumental ,devotional etc.

Without paying a single rupee , now you can choose your favorite Jio hello tune . You can express you mood to others through JioTunes , even before you answering their call . Not only Jio Tune Activation , changing a Jio Caller Tune is also free for all Jio Users .

Now lets see different ways to activate Jio Caller Tune on your mobile number .

3 Ways to Activate Jio Caller Tune [ JioTune ]

Activation of Hello Tune on JIO , can be done in 3 ways

  • Activate JioTune with JioSaavn App
  • Activate Jio Caller Tune through SMS
  • Activate Jio Hello Tune by Star (*) to Copy

Lets dig more about activating JioTune through each of the above mentioned methods.

How to Activate Jio Caller Tune with JioSaavn App :

JioSaavn App is nothing but Jio Caller Tune app . So inorder to activate Jio Caller tune with JioSaavn app , you have to download & install it on your smartphone . Here is the link to download jio Saavn app for android users . If you are a iOS user , you can get iOS version of JIOSaavn App on iOS store.

  • We assume that you have downloaded JioSaavn App and installed it on your Phone . Now its time to login to the App . [ Login id for JioSaavn would be same as Other Jio Apps ].
  • Search for latest songs & releases . Search for your favourite songs .
  • Select the song of your choice and click on set Caller Tune .
  • You can listen to preview and set it as your Caller Tune .
  • With in seconds you will get JioTunes Activation message as SMS on your mobile number.

That’s it you have successfully activated Jio hello Tune . Compare to other methods like sending SMS , activation of JioTunes using JioSaavn app is the easy and best way.

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How to Activate & Set Jio Caller Tune through SMS ?

Activating JioTunes with SMS is common method and we had ample experience , as most of the telecom operators for years has used this traditional method for activating Caller Tunes .

Simply Send SMS in the format specified to get your favourite song as caller tune .

SMS JT to 56789

  • Once you send the SMS you will get a message as SMS on your Number , which aks you for further information.
  • Reply to the same SMS message with “1 “ for Bollywood ,”2” for Regional , 3 for International Songs .
  • If you want to narrow down the procedure , you can simply send the SMS with Movie Name , Singer Name or Album name .

SMS MOVIE <Movie Name > to 56789

SMS ALBUM <Album Name> to 56789

SMS SINGER  < Singer Name> to 56789

  • Once the SMS is sent , you get confirmation message as SMS . Reply to it , to select your favourite songs as JIOTUNE.
  • Inorder to activate it , you have send the confirmation message “Y” as reply with in 30 Minutes .

That’s  it .. You will get Jiotunes activation Message as SMS.

How to Activate Jio Hello Tune by Star Button ?

This method of activating JioTune is even more simpler ,but would be restricted from searching songs . Activating JioTune by pressing Star button is nothing but you are copying others / your friends caller Tune and making it as yours [ Simply cloning you Friends Caller Tune as your JioTune ].

Call You Friend who is using Jio Caller Tune Facility , and press star Button . Jio would send SMS message for your consent to activate Jiotunes . Reply it with text “Y” to activate Jio Caller Tune on your mobile number.

Deactivate Jio Caller Tune on Your Number

Till now you have seen the procedures to activate Jiotune on you JIO SIM, now its time to stop & deactivate Jio Caller Tune service on your number .

  • Deactivate Jio caller tune by calling 155223 [ Jio Caller Tune Number ]
  • Terminate Jio Caller Tune Services on your number by sending SMS message.

SMS STOP to 56789

Conclusion :  That’s it . All the information on JIO Caller Tune Activation & Deactivation procedure is explained here . Any queries / suggestions / comments , please do let us know in the comments section.