Jio Balance Transfer [ Send Jio internet Data & Talktime Balance to another Jio No. ]

Reliance Jio is unquestionably the fastest internet service provider with unlimited calls to its mobile users , that too at cheap price . After the launch of JIO , all the remaining telecom operators like Airtel ,Vodafone , Idea & BSNL were forced to cut down the tariff rates .

Can you ever imagine  Unlimited Talktime & 1.5 GB 4G data for Rs 399 on your mobile number for 84 Days ?  Reliance Jio has made it possible and now other telecom services are following Reliance jio’s foot print.

What exactly is Balance Transfer ?

Balance Transfer between two numbers is not a new service , it has been in the market for a long time . Airtel , Vodafone & Idea are providing balance transfer services to its users .

Balance Transfer is nothing but , you can transfer existing Talktime balance or Internet data balance from your mobile sim to another mobile number .

Balance Transfer is possible only between the mobile numbers of same network . You cannot transfer internet balance from Vodafone SIM to Airtel SIM & Idea Talktime Balance to BSNL SIM .

Inorder to use this Balance Transfer facility on your mobile number ? make sure the sender or receiver of talktime balance must be of same network . You can send Jio Talktime balance to another jio number , transfer jio Internet balance to another Jio SIM holder , but not to Airtel or Vodafone users.

JIO Balance Transfer [ Send Talktime & Internet balance between two Jio Numbers ]

Earlier on our blog we have covered “Vodafone to Vodafone Balance Transfer “ .. If you are a Vodafone user , you can read it once .

Most common query I have been listening for the past few months ..” Is it possible to Transfer Balance from one Jio Number to another Jio Number sim ? “ ..Even i was anxious to know  , whether JIO to JIO balance transfer is possible ? ..Let’s see.

We have done extensive research about Jio Balance  Transfer feature and examine various blogs who have cover “ JIO Balance Transfer USSD Code “ topic.

Most of the blogs have given wrong information on “Jio Balance Transfer code “..

From our investigation we came to know that “ JIO Balance Transfer is not POSSIBLE “.

JIO has not launched any service on Balance transfer till date . There are no JIO USSD Codes for balance Transfer . We cannot send balance between jio Numbers using MYJIO App.

We will update on this page , once JIO has launched Balance transfer service .

So our conclusion  “ Jio to Jio Balance transfer is not possible “..And no “USSD Codes exits for sending Jio Balance “

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