Idea Loan Code Number 2019 | Talktime & Internet Balance

Surprised with Title “Idea Credit Loan Number ” ? Don’t think that Idea is going to provide you Home Loan or Personal  Loan , like Financial Investment Companies like Bajaj Finance, Capital Finance or other leading banks in India like Axis,Icici,Hdfc & Sbi . Even a crypto loan is possible now. Just Like a house, car, or other investment, your cryptocurrency can serve as collateral for crypto loans, which are loans that can have low-interest rates. But if you’re not much familiar with handling cryptocurrency, it’s advisable to start your crypto journey with trading bots like the bitcoin revolution 2022. It helps trade crypto automatically and generates passive income from it.

Here we are talking about “Idea Talk Time Credit” i.e. Idea Mobile network has launched special service for its customers to take “Loan on Talk Time Balance”..

You may be wondering why People take Talk Time balance as Credit from telecom Operators ? Right .. There are situations where you forgot to recharge your idea prepaid Mobile & you are out of city and town.[ Don’t think that you can recharge your number using internet banking.Now a days, especially after Reliance Jio , every person with Smartphone has access to free 4G internet]. Now you have to call some person and ofcourse its very urgent ..

In Such cases you will find this Idea Loan Service very useful..Just by using Idea USSD Code you can apply for Idea Prepaid Talk Time Loan and with in few seconds you can all to the person with whom you want to speak.

Similarly you can get Idea Internet Balance Loan ,by using another USSD Code.Anyway here on his page we are going to list out all the Idea USSD Code Numbers through which you can get free talk time or internet balance on Credit.

One More twist …Not all the Users with Idea Sim Card can avail this offer..Inorder to get this offer / Loan , you must meet some eligibility requirements..There are some set of instructions given by Idea Mobile Operator,to cut down the misuse of Idea Credit Loan Facility. So here we are going to list out all the information related idea loan number codes and how to get Idea Credit for Talk Time & Internet on your phone.

Idea Loan Eligibility Check

Idea users with Valid sim card can apply for Loan , provided they meet the below given criteria

  1. Idea Phone Number [ Sim Card ] should be Atleast 90 Days Old . [ This is the main criteria to apply for Idea Talk Time Loan ]
  2. Idea Loan Amount taken previously should be paid [ Or else you cannot new Loan ]
  3. Idea Loan Service works only if your main balance is less than Rs 5.

Taking Idea Credit Loan has come pros and cons ..We have already discussed about benefits of taking Loan [ In case of emergency i.e. when you Mobile Balance shows zero you can get balance talktime for credit].

Main Problem / Disadvantage of taking Loan is you have to pay little more amount when compare to normal recharge . [ To be frank it is not an issue, as your taking their service,they are charging some nominal charge for it , like Banks & Financial Institutions.In case of Loans taken from banks you have to pay some interest to them]

How to Get Idea Talktime for Loan ?

Looking to get Talktime Credit on Idea Number ? Don’t know the USSD Codes to get Loan Amount ? Here is the procedure to get USSD Codes and Talk Time Balance on your number.

Dial 1241 from your mobile to get Idea Loan Number .Now you see all the USSD Codes list to recharge you phone number .Choose the one which suits your requirement.In my opinion stick to USSD code with least amount ,so that the extra charge you are going to pay will be very low.

Or Directly Type USSD codes from your mobile Phone..Here is the list

Idea Loan Numbers & Credit Talk Time

Dial *150*0X# and Take Rs X as Idea Credit talktime loan.

If you want to get Rs 5 or 10 or Rs 20 as loan amount ? Just replace “0X” with the amount you want as credit.

Idea USSD code to get Rs 5 Talk Time Loan :  *150*05#
Dial Idea Loan Number *150*10# to take Rs 10 as Credit …Similarly
Dial *150*20# for Rs 20 Idea Credit Loan.

Want to take Idea Advance Talktime Loan ? Then the USSD Code for this service is  *121*4*7#

USSD Code to get Idea Internet Data Loan :  *150*06#
With this USSD Code you can get 25MB 2G Data

Want to get 3G internet data as Credit on Idea network ? Then the ideal USSD code for you is *150*333#
With this service you can get 35MB 3G data.

That’s it from our side..We have covered all the information on Taking Talk Time Loan & Internet data Credit on Idea Mobile Operator.Guys any queries,please do let us know in the comments section..