How to Check my own Mobile Number ? [ Idea , Vodafone , Jio, Airtel , Aircel , Bsnl , Telenor ]

Check Own Mobile Number from Sim  ? Yes the title itself suggests , that in this article we are going check own phone numbers using different methods . But you may have a question , why i have to check my own mobile number , if I remember it.  Yes You are right … This article is not for you.

This blog post “Check Own Mobile Number “ is only for people who couldn’t remember their phone numbers, Users who recently bought new sim etc. For those who find difficulty in remembering the phone number , can easily find & know their number with these simple tricks.

Now another question may popup in your mind..”Just by calling to your friends number , Mom’s number or Dad’s number “, you can easily check phone number “. Then why you need all these Tricks.

Once again , you have raise a good question ..But  What if your Sim Card has zero balance or insufficient balance to call a person ?  What if you are out station & you don’t have anyone near you ?

In such cases this techniques like Checking number with USSD Codes , Check own mobile number code comes handy. Another way , you can verify your mobile number, when you are out of talktime balance is “You can take Talktime Loan / Credit “ from telecom operators .

Anyway , here on this page you will get god knowledge on “All Sim Check Codes” i.e. “check own Airtel number , check Vodafone number code , Bsnl number check code , Idea phone number check code , Jio mobile number check USSD code , Telenor ussd code to check number , Tata Docomo , MTNL & other mobile operators.

Learn How to check / Know Own Mobile Number ?  [ All Mobile Operators Sim No ]

For your easy understanding , we are proving Number Check codes ,in Tabular form .

Mobile Operator USSD Code
Check code to know Airtel Number *121*1# or *121*9#
Check Code to Find Idea Phone Number *131*1#
Know your own BSNL Number *222#
Check code to know my Vodafone number *111*2#
Find / Know your Aircel Number *133# OR *234*4#
Know your own Reliance Number *1#
Know your Tata Docomo No.   *580#
Know my Telenor Number  *555#  or *222*4#
Know my JIO Mobile Number Dail 1299 or check using MYJIO App

We have already said there are many ways to check your sim number [ mobile number ] , but here are we discussing on USSD codes to check mobile number . Ofcourse we are not limiting to USSD codes , if possible we will provide  App information & SMS information.

  • Check / Know Own Airtel Mobile Number with USSD Codes

Dial the Airtel USSD Code to check Mobile number  , from your Mobile keypad . With in few seconds , your Airtel Mobile number will be seen on your mobile screen .

Airtel Mobile Number check code :  *121*1# or *121*9#

Want to check your own number in Idea Sim card ? then simply the Idea USSD Code , which was given below for  you.  With this simple USSD code , you can easiy know your Idea mobile number.

Idea Mobile Number Check Code :  *131*1#

Are you a bsnl user ? New to BSNL network ? Forgot your BSNL Mobile number ? then this BSNL USSD code is for you . With this bsnl code , you can check your mobile number . Dial the BSNL number check code , from your dialler pad, with in seconds your mobile number will be displayed on mobile screen.

BSNL Ussd code to check Phone Number  : *222#

Vodafone Users who don’t remember their mobile numbers , this Vodafone USSD code is only for you . Dial Vodafone number check code from your phone to check your mobile number .

Vodafone Number check code  : *111*2#

Reliance User who often remembers a phone number ? This reliance number check code is only for you. Simply dial *1# to check your own reliance number .

Reliance own number check code :  *1#

  • Check Aircel Own Mobile Number using USSD codes

May be Aircel doesn’t comes in the top league of mobile operators , but still it has fair user base . For  Aircle Users who don’t remember their mobile numbers , here is the trick  “ Dial Aircel USSD Code “ *133#  to check you number

Aircel Phone Number check code : *133# OR *234*4#

  • Know / Check Tata Docomo Mobile number with USSD codes ?

Tata Docomo subscribers who forgot their mobile number can now easily know it / check it . Dial USSD code *580# to check mobile number .

Tata Docomo Number check Code :  *580#

  • Check / Find Telenor / Uninor Mobile Number Code ?

Uninor , recently named as Telenor has good Subscriber Base in India . Forgot your own Telenor mobile number ? Dial this USSD code .

Telenor Mobile Number Check Code : *555# OR *222*4#

  • Check Own JIO Mobile Number [ Find & Know ]

Most of the Jio Users , don’t remember their Phone numbers [ correct me , if am wrong ]..Just kidding . May be you are a Vodafone user , Idea user , Airtel User , you will have second sim as JIO. Am i right ? [ may be not all the Users ]. So we usually remember our primary mobile number & hardly remembers second sim number [ jio ] . In such case this trick comes handy for you ..

JIO has not defined any USSD code to check mobile, instead you can check it by calling to 1299 [ Jio Toll Free number ]. Another simple method is , you can check your Jio Mobile number using “MYJIO” App installed on your phone .

  • Download My JIO App on your Phone
  • Install MYJIO App with “ Sign in with SIM”  option
  • After successful installation , you can see your JIO Mobile number on Home screen of the app [ Under my Account ].

Conclusion :  Guys , hope we have covered all the info on checking your own mobile numbers of Mobile Operators like Vodafone , Idea, Reliance & many more . Any queries or suggestions regarding USSD codes , please do let us know in the comments section.