Check Airtel Broadband Data Usage

Are you a Airtel Broadband User ?  We think you are , because you have landed on the page related to Airtel Broadband usage check . Have you ever faced slow internet issues while browsing or downloading files on Web ? There may be many reasons for slow internet. But one major reason which is in your hands [ your mistake ] is exceeded data usage.

Even for unlimited internet plans , you will face this issue. As they are going to offer 100GB per month maximum speed [ as per your plan ] , there after you will get half or one-fourth of your original internet speed.

In case of the Limited plans like 10GB per month etc , your internet connection stops immediately after the completion of internet data given to you.

So what we are trying to explain is “ May be you are limited plan user or unlimited plan user “ , you have to keep an eye on data usage and track your day to day internet usage i.e. how much MB or GB you are using in day” and “how much GB data is left in your package” etc .

Keeping an eye on you Airtel Broadband internet data usage will merely reduce your headache in many ways  like browsing & downloading important files from web.

Depending on the requirements, People choose various plans [ which meets their purpose ] on Airtel Broadband Service . [ In my case i love to watch movies , so i prefer high GB package , ofcourse i am not Airtel Broadband user ].

For Content Writers , Web browsing is their main priority , for students they have to download projects and research papers . In case of general users , they watch more youtube videos[ which eats more GB data ]..So everybody has their own requirement.

But everyone has to Track & check Airtel Broadband Usage regularly , along with that check Airtel Broadband internet speed . Here on this page we are going to cover ways to check Airtel Broadband internet Balance .

Check Airtel Broadband internet  Balance & Speed through Smartbytes.

Ever heard about Airtel Smartbytes ? Don’t worry here we will let you know about Airtel Smartbytes to check broadband usage.

Once you open the page , you will see

  1. Smartbytes for Broadband
  2. Smartbytes for Mobile

As you are looking to know “How many GB Left in Airtel Broadband Account? “ , click on Smartbytes for Broadband.

For this you have to login to Airtel Smartbytes for Broadband Account . Enter your mobile number / Service ID & Password / OTP to login to your account.

Airtel Smartbytes for Broadband allows to Track Internet usage and analyse your data usage. Even you can Data Booster to your Broadband account from here.

One more thing , you must be connected  to internet only through Airtel Broadband , if you want to check Airtel Broadband usage online.

Guys that’s it from our side ..Hope we have given good information on checking Airtel Broadband data usage & speed .Guys if you know any other way to check data balance , please do let us know below.