Airtel DND Service [ Activate & Deactivate Do Not Disturb on Airtel Prepaid & Postpaid]

Are you a Airtel Subscriber [ Prepaid or postpaid doesn’t matter ] ? then it’s quite common that you are getting unwanted calls & promotional messages from various call centers , real estate advertisers , Credit cards , Trading Calls , etc .

Want to stop all those inundated calls & messages flooding on your number ? Ofcourse everyone thinks to block such calls , but they don’t know how to accomplish the task.

Telecom Operators like BSNL , Airtel , Vodafone , Idea has started many services to serve the customers in best way. One such service is “DND [ Do not Disturb Service ]. In our previous article we have covered information on BSNL DND Service, just go through it once if you are BSNL Subscriber.

Airtel DND Service will help you in blocking all those irritating advertising calls and messages , which lands on your number [ inbox ].

Here on this page , we are going to explain the procedure to activate & deactivate Airtel DND Service on your number .

Activate Airtel DND Service on your Mobile Number

By Activating Airtel DND service , you can easily avoid all the spam calls & messages landing in your inbox. Activating Airtel DND service is very simple , you can do it by making a call or sending a SMS from your number [ no need to go nearest Airtel Store ].

Another way to Activate Airtel DND Service is through Online mode . We will explain all the three ways to to start DND Service on your Mobile Number.

Activate Airtel DND [ Do not Disturb ] Service on Your Number  online

To initiate the process to Stop unsolicited calls & messages , first visit DND page on Airtel website. Here is the link

On this page you will find , Airtel Mobile Services [ for prepaid & postpaid mobile users ].Now you have to register for Do not Service [ DND ] .

  • Click on “Click here” button on Airtel Mobile Services section
  • Enter your Airtel Prepaid or postpaid Mobile number & Click on Get OTP
  • Within few seconds you will get OTP, on your mobile number as SMS message
  • Enter the OTP , in the field specified.
  • In the next step , click on “STOP ALL “ and submit

It’s done . You have Initiated Airtel DND service on your mobile number.

Activate Airtel DND on Your Number by sending SMS / making a Call

This process is even more simpler , as you don’t to have a internet connection & browsing knowledge . You can simply initiate Airtel DND process on your number , by sending a SMS or making a call to predefined number .

TRAI [ Telecom Regulatory Authority of INDIA ] , has made DND Activation procedure very simple for telecom operators & users .

Activate Airtel DND Service Phone Number : 1909 [ Call 1909 from you Airtel Number, and follow IVR instructions to activate it ].

Activate Airtel DND Service by Sending SMS [ USSD Code ]

SMS START<space>to 1909

By sending this number, you are telling Telecom operator / TRAI to block all the unsolicited calls & messages on your number .

If you don’t want to block all the spam calls , instead you want to stop promotional calls from certain categories like Insurance , Automobiles , Tourism etc .. then you have to customize the SMS format.

Airtel DND Service Code : SMS START<Space ><Option> to 1909

Let me explain how to block unwanted spam calls partially [ Category wise ] using a a tabular form.

Option & ValueSMS format
1 –> Banking,insurance,Credit Cards & Financial productsSTART 1 to 1909
2 –> Real EstateSTART 2 to 1909
3 –> EducationSTART 3 to 1909
4 –> healthSTART 4 to 1909
5–> Consumer Goods & AutomobilesSTART 5 to 1909
6–>Communication,IT ,BroadcastingSTART 6 to 1909
7 –>TourismSTART 7 to 1909
0 –>Block All CategoriesSTART 0 to 1909

So first select the category which you can to block , then send the SMS in the format specified above.

Once you the send the SMS , it would take around 7 Days to activate the DND service on your Airtel Mobile Number .

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