Airtel Balance Transfer Code | Share Talktime with Another Number

Are you a Airtel prepaid subscriber with Low / Zero Talktime balance in your Account ?

There are couple of ways to get Main balance / Talktime on your mobile number .

Doing a recharge on your mobile number is the basic thing we will do if we are out of Talktime balance or internet balance . There are few situations , where we cannot afford to recharge our number or we are in a remote village with no recharge facility & internet connection.  In such case , we will look for different opportunities , to get Airtel Talktime balance on our number.

One such method is getting Talktime through Airtel Loan Code . We have covered this article in our earlier blog posts . Just go through it once.

Another way is to get Airtel Balance from your friends Airtel sim card [ Mobile Number ]. Airtel has provided various services for its users , one among them is “Balance Transfer “. In case of emergency , you can easily ask your friend to share Airtel talktime with your number .

Simply you are asking him transfer Balance from his/ here Airtel Number to your Airtel Mobile Number. [ Similar to money transfer from your bank account ].

So lets see the procedure to to Transfer Airtel Balance to another number and what conditions we must fulfill to use this Airtel Balance Transfer Service.

Airtel Balance Transfer Service between two Numbers :

This Airtel Balance Transfer feature is only for prepaid numbers . Like all the Telecom Operators , Airtel has its own  USSD code / USSD number to send Talktime / internet balance between two numbers.

Airtel Money transfer process is very simple , but you have to do it manually and few steps are involved in transferring balance.

Airtel USSD code for Balance Transfer :  *141#

Dial *141# from your mobile to initiate Airtel Balance Transfer Process . Once you dial the balance transfer number code from your mobile no. ,you will see few options

  1. Share talktime
  2. Adv internet
  3. Take adv talktime / Ask TT
  4. Auto Credit
  5. Adv SMS
  6. Poke Call
  7. Call me Back SMS
  8. Account
  9. Help

Here our priority is to send talktime balance with another number. So we have dial 1 from the keypad. [ reply with 1 and click on send button ].

  • Airtel balance transfer limit is Rs 5 to rs 40 [Minimum 5 & maximum 40 ].
  • Enter the amount you want to share with your friend, along with their mobile number and click on the send button.
  • Airtel will charge Rs 2 for Rs 10 Balance transfer to another Airtel prepaid number.

Prerequisites for Airtel balance Transfer :

  • Airtel Number from which you are sending the balance should be atleast 3 months old
  • Airtel to receive transferred balance should be atleast 1 Month old
  • Airtel Balance transfer Service can be used 5 Time a day & 150 times in a month.

Few queries on Airtel Main Balance Transfer :

  • Can we transfer Airtel Balance to another number on Different Network ?

Not Possible . Balance transfer can be done only between two mobile numbers of same network [ So only Airtel to Airtel Balance transfer is possible ].Airtel to Idea, Airtel to Vodafone , Airtel to Jio Balance transfer is not possible.

  • Is there any other way to Transfer Balance between two Airtel Numbers ?

At present there is only one way to send Talktime balance i.e. using USSD code. If there is any update from Airtel , then we will let you know.