Reliance Jio DND Code [ Do not Disturb ] Activate & Deactivate

Want to Activate DND service on your Jio Prepaid or Postpaid number ? You are at right place. Here on this page we are going to show thorough information on activating Jio DND service.

In our preceding articles we have given vital piece of information on how to activate DND service on principal telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl etc.

Primary Task we should accomplish once we have new SIM Card in our hands is to activate DND Service. Whatever network you are using i.e. maybe you are using Vodafone Sim Card, Bsnl Sim card or Jio Sim Card, your key responsibility is to activate Do not Disturb service .

If you do not activate JIO DND service, then it’s my guarantee that you are going to get frequent frustrating calls & annoying SMS messages from the telecom marketing companies, call centers of various insurance companies etc.

Best way to prevent such spam calls & messages from landing on your inbox is by activating JIO Do not Disturb service. One more thing, activating JIO DND won’t guarantee you 100% prevention of spam calls. But you can bypass majority of the unsolicited calls on your number.

TRAI [Telecom regulatory Authority of India], has come with an initiative to block unwanted / uninvited calls from irritating marketing companies.

Activating DND service is as simple as sending an SMS or making a Call from your number. Let’s see the procedure to activate JIO Do not Disturb service.

Activate DND Service on JIO Mobile Number

As we said earlier, we can fulfill the task of activating DND service in two ways i.e. by sending SMS message or by making a Phone call from Jio Number.

Activate JIO DND Service by Sending SMS:

Send SMS from your JIO Prepaid or postpaid number in the pattern specified below to block unwanted calls related to various offers & product promotions.

SMS START 0 to 1909

Send SMS in the above format from your jio Number to activate DND service to block calls from real estate companies, banking & finance sectors, Insurance calls, Credit Card related calls, Health ,Media & Entertainment.

There is an option to customize JIO DND Service i.e. you can block spam calls from a specific sector. For suppose you are getting repeated calls from credit card issuing companies and want to block them from calling you..Simply send SMS from your jio mobile number to 1909 in the format given below.SMS START 1 to 1909

For your easy understanding, we will the present the JIO DND Service related information in the tabular form.

  • Calls and SMS related to Banking, Insurance, Financial Products and Credit Cards :   SMS START 1 to 1909
  • Block Calls and SMS from Real Estate  :        SMS START 2 to 1909
  • Prevent calls and SMS related to education :         SMS START 3 to 1909
  • To block Health related Calls and SMS :   SMS START 4 to 1909
  • Block Consumer Goods,Automobiles Calls & SMS   :      SMS START 5 to 1909
  • In case of Communication, IT, Entertainment, Broadcasting :  SMS START 6 to 1909
  • To Stop Tourism related Calls : SMS START 7 to 1909

Activate JIO DND Service by making Call

Another way to activate JIO Do not Disturb service is by calling 1909 from Jio mobile Number.

Deactivate JIO DND on your Mobile Number :

  • Call  1909 for deactivation of Jio DND (Do Not Disturb) service in your smartphone
  • SMS STOP 0 to 1909 for deactivation of Jio DND (Do Not Disturb) service in your smartphone.

If you any queries or complaints on JIO DND activation & deactivation , please call JIO customer care toll free number for assistance.

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