BSNL DND [ How to Activate Do Not Disturb on your BSNL Mobile Number] DND status

Are you getting calls from various companies promoting their products & Schemes ? Without your prior approval these telecom companies  , third party call centers , real estate firms keeps on calling you and creates a disturbance in your personal & professional life .

If you are facing such an issue and if you are a BSNL user [ may be prepaid or postpaid ], then this article is for you . With one single SMS , you can block all those unwanted & irritating calls & SMS to your BSNL Mobile Number . By Activating this service you can literally stop people [ spam calls ] from calling you for marketing their products.

BSNL DND Service [ Do not Disturb ] helps to avoiding all the promotional calls & Promotional SMS landing in your inbox . By Activating BSNL DND service , you can put a BIG FULL STOP to all such nuisance calls & SMS .

Let’s see the procedure to activate BSNL DND Service & different ways you start Bsnl DND service on your prepaid mobile number.

How to Activate BSNL DND Service on your Mobile SIM :

You can register to BSNL DND service through 3 Ways

  • By Calling BSNL DND Toll Free Number
  • By Sending SMS
  • By Filling an online form

Activate Bsnl Dnd by Calling a Customer Care Toll Free number :

BSNL User has to call Toll Free number 1909 from his mobile number to initiate DND Service.  Just one single call from Sim , can free you from many headaches in future.

Activate BSNL DND by Filling Online Form :

Bsnl Subscribers who don’t prefer calling to customer care number 1909 , can opt for this . You can fill the online application form to terminate unwanted calls to your number .

Bsnl DND application form   : Click here

Activate BSNL DND Service by Sending SMS Message :

In General Mobile users will get promotional messages from various industries like banking , real estate , Health , Consumer goods etc .

  1. Banking / Insurance / Financial products / Credit Cards
  2. Real Estate
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles
  6. IT / Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment
  7. Tourism

Above mentioned are different sectors from which you often get promotional messages & Calls.

If you want to block all the above mentioned categories from calling & messaging You ? then send SMS in the below given format

START 0 to 1909

If you want to block Calls from only from few categories , then you can send SMS as per your preference. Here is the format to send SMS for partial blocking

START < One of the Seven Category Numbers > to 1909

For suppose , you don’t want to get calls from Tourism category , then the SMS should be

START  7 to 1909

Similarly for other categories you can send SMS.

How to Deactivate BSNL DND Service on Your Mobile Number ?

If you have accidentally activated DND Service , and want to deactivate it ? You have to follow the same procedure as stated above. You can call to Bsnl toll free number , Send SMS to Terminate bsnl DND Service.

How to Check BSNL DND Activation Status ?

Want to check BSNL DND Service registration status on your number ? just follow the link

Just enter your BSNL Mobile Number / landline number to check activation status. This portal is purely for BSNL Subscribers.

Check DND Registration with TRAI ?

Want to check your BSNL DND registration with Telephone Regulatory Authority of India ? Here is the link

Enter the phone number and click on search button to know whether a Mobile number is registered for DND service.

That’s it .. We have covered all the information on BSNL DND activation process & how to check DND Registration status . Any queries please do let us know in the comments section.

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