How to Activate / Deactivate Hello Tune on Bsnl ? [ Caller Tune ]

In our previous article we have covered on “Bsnl USSD Codes to check internet Balance”. Now here we are going to come up with another tutorial on Bsnl i.e. “Bsnl Hello tune Activation & Deactivation Procedure”.

While searching in Google for “BSNL Caller Tune “ you may come across various queries like “ set bsnl caller tune” , “bsnl caller tune number” , “bsnl caller tune app” , Bsnl hello tune code , Bsnl Hello Tune Charges, Stop Bsnl hello tune and Service number & Toll Free number related to BSNL Hello Tune. For all the above queries , here we are going to cover in-depth information on Activating BSNL Caller Tune.

How to Activate / Deactivate Hello Tune on Bsnl ?

Firstly if you are not aware of what is caller tune , This info is for you . “Caller Tune” is nothing but the traditional “tring tring” tone which you hear on calling a person . In the similar way , other people who are calling you ,will get the same “tring tring” ring tone until you answer the call. You can easily customise the dialler tone with you favourite songs of any language like hindi, telugu, tamil, Punjabi, English, Kannada etc .

Depending on your mood you can change the caller tunes with genres like romantic, inspirational, breakup , patriotic etc .

For suppose today is “Independence Day” and you want to set you caller tune as Shah Rukh Khan’s “ChakDe India “..So your friends , relatives, unknown persons whoever calls you will listen to “Chakde India” caller tune until you lift their call and answer them. One benefit of setting caller tune is people won’t get bored while calling you .Ofcourse it is going to cost you some amount. We are going to cover you the info related to Bsnl Caller True Price .

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Procedure to Activate Caller Tune on your BSNL Mobile Number

There are multiple ways to activate Caller Tune on BSNL Phone Number like SMS, USSD Code, Online from BSNL Website etc. Lets get into details of activating caller tune by different methods.

Activate BSNL Caller Tune with USSD Code :

Dialling USSD Code from your BSNL Mobile is free i.e. Toll free , and the BSNL USSD Code to set Caller Tune is *567#.

Enable Caller Tune Service on BSNL Phone Number with SMS

Send SMS to 56700 to get your required caller tune. You have to send the SMS in predefined format specified by BSNL  i.e. SMS <BT CODE>  to 56700.

BT CODE : Code which is specified for a song . So make sure to check your favourite songs BT Code before sending the SMS in the above format.

Let me explain this with an example :

“Chaar Botal Vodka” song from “Ragini MMS 2” :   BT CODE for this song is 2169068.

So if you want to set “Chaar Botal Vodka” as Dialler tone then, you have send SMS as

SMS < 2169068 > to 56700

Another SMS Format to Set BSNL Caller Tune : SMS BT ACT to 56700

Want to Search for your favourite song : SMS BT REQUEST < song name > to 56700

Activate BSNL Caller Tune by Calling [ IVR Number ]

You can call to BSNL Caller Tune Number and set your most favourite song as your Dialler tone .

BSNL Caller Tune Service Numbers : 56700, 56789, 56768

Above mentioned numbers are not toll free , they will charge 2Rs per minute .

Activate BSNL Caller Tune Online from Browser :

To Set BSNL hello tune through online , you need to visit this website from your browser

Here on this page you will see multiple categories  like top 50 downloads, Bollywood, Marathi ,Gujarati, Devotional , Funny Tunes, Sharyri , International etc.

You can even search the songs as per your interest  . For this they have designed you a search bar . Search / Filter songs by Movies , Albums , Artist ,RBT Code and Name Tune.

Learn How to Deactivate BSNL Caller Tune 

You can deactivate BSNL hello tune either by calling the IVR Number or by sending SMS .

Disable BSNL Caller Tune on your Number : SMS BT DACT to 56700

Unset  BSNL Caller Tune by SMS :  SMS < UNSUB > to 56700

SMS  <UNSUB > to 56799

You can even call 56700 from your number and follow the procedure specified by IVR to deactivate the caller tune.

That’s it . We have covered the information on activating and disabling caller tunes on your BSNL Mobile phone . Any queries or suggestions on BSNL Tunes , please do let us know in the comments section.